what is a Swartzme?

i would say something like trix or fruity pebbles, but i HATE how much it cost! then i forget i that i have it and leave on top of the refrigerator for half year and then comes a long a day where there nothing left to eat in your house but that really old cereal! oh and i’m told that cereal was my first word that i ever said. so there TMI!!!!!!!!

TMI TUESDAY: If you could only say one sentence to me for the rest of our lives, what would that one sentence be?

i would say “he’s dead he’s never coming back”. i would say this any time a character you like dies.

Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout 407 [ENG 3/3]

Style Fortress

TMI TUESDAY: What is your ideal kind of person? (To date, to be BFFs with, idk just whatev you feel comfortable talking about~)

that is a hard one to answer. i find it hard to make friends in fact i find it hard to believe that i have friends as good as you and Sound. for a BFF umm some one who like the same games and shows as me and play games with me for hours and hours and i don’t know what else to say i’m not at good at this!!!!!!!

and to Date all i can say is thisimage

Megumi Ogata - Want to be Winner!
349 plays


Medaka Box Abnormal OST - Want to be Winner!

Kumagawa’s special opening from episode 12 of Abnormal.

Tatsuya Kato - 『意味なんかないさ』
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Medaka Box Abnormal OST - 『意味なんかないさ』

Kumagawa’s ED from episode 12 of Medaka Box Abnormal.

Time Bender